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Grace Design and Esthetics is committed to helping you unlock and maintain the natural beauty you’ve already been given! I want to be your one stop destination for esthetic services, so you can put your best self forward! Thank you choosing me to Grace your skin!

I take a complete approach to maximizing your natural beauty by offering a variety of esthetic services! From Brazilian waxes and spray tanning to chemical peel and to custom makeup, i’ve got you covered. Grace Design and Esthetics also offers aftercare tips, to help maximize your results and help you recover.

I value your business and pride myself in making you my priority. I want to help make you feel and look your best! My dedication to you is that you’ll leave my salon looking and feeling better than when you arrived!

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I'm looking forward to you becoming one of my loyal customers! Earning your business is first and foremost, so I continuously strive to meet your expectations.


Esthetic Services

Let me unveil a lovelier new “you” from head to toe! Whether you want flawless makeup, smooth and sexy skin, the perfect eyebrows, or that sun-kissed vacation ready tan, I have you covered! My esthetic services include a lesson in basic skincare which is essential to maintaining your beauty! Grace Design and Esthetics chemical peels and facial can also help you turn back the hands of time, giving you more youthful and radiant skin!


Your flawless face can come from Grace! Book Grace Designs and Esthetics to give you a flawless face for your bridal photos, senior pictures, headshots and more! Your signature look starts with Grace, whether you’re looking to simply highlight your natural beauty, or something bolder and a lot more glamorous!

Chemical Peel

Peel back sun damage, signs of aging, and uneven skin tones! A Grace Design and esthetics chemical peel will help you say goodbye to it all! Your skin will feel smooth, refreshed, and be virtually flawless. Chemical peels can also be used to treat some forms of acne, and conditions that discolor the skin. Turn back the clock with smooth, radiant skin!

Brazilian Waxing

A smooth and sexy bikini line can give you a new found confidence you didn’t know you had! Say goodbye to unwanted body hair with a Grace Design and Esthetics Brazilian Wax. Whether you’re getting ready for a beach vacation or some intimate time with that special someone, Grace Designs can take care of your Brazilian waxing needs. Don't be deterred if you've never tried it. All in all, the actual waxing portion of your visit only takes about five minutes! The rest of the time is pain-free and you're fully covered, so the experience is far less painful or intrusive than most people assume. Plus, I offer waxing aftercare tips to help you recover and maximize your results.

Spray Tanning

Mother nature isn’t the only one who can give you that desired golden glow! You can get yours from me. My natural looking spray tans will help you achieve the perfect tan all year round. I can help you avoid streaky self-tanning mishaps and the burn from too much sunbathing. i’ll help you achieve the look you want without looking uneven or unnatural.