Brazilian Waxing

Try brazilian waxing for smooth and supple skin!

Tired of razor burn, and ingrown or annoying bumps? It may be time to make the switch to waxing! I can give the smooth and supple skin you desire by removing embarrassing hair from areas where you don’t want it. The benefit of waxing is that every time you wax your hair gets thinner and finer, making it easier each time you do it. Those hairs won't be STUBBLY like from shaving. Please don’t give up after the first wax. The first time is the most painful. You also don’t know me, the procedure or what to expect pain-wise making the anticipation worse. All in all, the actual waxing portion of your visit only takes about five minutes! The rest of the time is pain free and you're fully covered, so the experience is far less painful or intrusive than most people assume.

I also offer aftercare tips to makes sure you keep looking and feeling your best after waxing. Brazillian waxing is not recommended for first-timers if you are going on a big trip, or getting married. Some people have adverse reactions and this is not the time to try it out. You should try to have a wax at least 4 weeks prior to your trip or big event. Please keep in mind that waxing is not for everyone. If you have extremely sensitive skin and you bruise, or if your skin is thin I do not recommend waxing. I wax all races shapes and sizes, yes, I can wax you.